Monday, February 26, 2007

Worst Blogger EVER!!!

I must be the worst blogger ever. I have not posted a thing in months.... Anyways I have been very busy with school and moving across the country. So to catch everyone up, I have almost finished my vogue knitting project from a year ago... I have the top done, just not the sleeves. I had wanted to try and make the sleeves full length, but it made me look like a flamenco dancer so those got frogged and now I am way uninspired to finish the project. I have not really been knitting much, but I have started on a pair of socks that are coming out pretty nicely for my first attempt at socks. I will post a pic when I get them both done.

On to other stuff....
I recently moved across the country and must say that I thought I would miss CA more. I miss my friends, but everything else here is better. The people are friendlier, the weather is not the same everyday, and even the sushi is better (who would have thought). We bought a house here and that has been a fun experience. Our heater has already been replaced and paint is coming off the walls in the kitchen. On the plus side I do have an office/arts and crafts room that is still a work in progress, but is highly functional.

Of course I have already been yarn shopping...I have checked out to LYS so far and found one that I love... The Knitting Corner in Virginia Beach. The women who work there are the nicest. I was in there for an hour getting help picking out a project and yarn that would work and was getting great advice the whole time. The other shop I found has a huge selection of yarns that I have never heard of and one of the pushiest owners ever. I did find some cool yarn there at a decent price, but doubt I will go back since the sales technique there is akin to buying a used car.