Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super Pegs

As a welcome home present for my son I made him some super pegs, all his faves are here Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, and Batman. A huge thank you to Naked Peggies, and Michelle at her cup overfloweth for the great idea. Next time I am playing with pegs villains and maybe some Disney princess.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Project List

So I have been browsing a million and one other blogs, websites, and everything else in between and came up with a list of projects that I would like to get done this summer while I am on a break from school. I am just hoping that the little ones give me enough time to get one done a week (that isn't asking too much is it?). Here is my list I hope you find something that you want to make too.

Projects List

Ruffled Skirt
Pencil Holder/ Crayon Holder
Fabric Dollhouse
Fabric Travel Chalkboards
Dishtowel Skirt
Play Mat Drawstring Bag
Ruffle Top
Cloth Flip Flops
Pillowcase Dress/Top

Pointy Kitty
Hot Diggidy Dog

Recycled Bag Basket

Girls Top
Feb. Baby Sweater

Hair Clips:
Fabric Button Clips
Felt Clips

Refinish Table
Baby Food Jar Hanging Lanterns
Baby Food Jar pincushion

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Car Play mat prototype

So I was blog cruising and saw this awesome project by Tangarang It reminded me of a project that I had seen in a 70's craft book, so I thought I would try to combine the two and see what happens. Here is what I created.

This is a prototype because I do not like how I made it into a pouch. The loopies just don't work for what I want so I think that I am going to make more of a drawstring bag on the next one.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Peg Dolls

I made my first peg dolls as a gift for a 5 year old's birthday present. I must give a world of thanks to some folks for the inspiration behind this gift, first and foremost has to go to Grace Violet check out her great post for a super cute peg doll house. My version is Tiki, and here it is....

Also take a look at these great Etsy sellers:
Wunderkind and Naked Peggies

Here are the dolls that I made...