Monday, May 08, 2006


So this pursed is based on the one in the OG S&B book and I made it for my mother in law with lion brand's wool ease thick and quick. She is a Harley Mamma so I thought a cute purse with a Harley patch would be a great Mother's Day Gift.
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I just have to say I love this yarn. It is so thick that it knits up in no time at all. I made the knitted part of the purse in about an hour. I think I may have to knit a sweater in this for next winter. I really like the pumpkin, grass, and fisherman colors. I can just picture a nice big turtleneck aran sweater in this stuff...cozy and yum.
Here is another purse I made based on the same pattern
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  1. I LOVE the Harley one. hhmmm.....too bad my hubby isn't into carrying purses. I love the second one too. That one is more my style. Although the Harley one would come in handy when we go to "Bike Night".