Saturday, May 06, 2006


So I am over a week late in posting this, but who really reads my blog anyway…
So I went up to LA to work on doilies with J, let me tell you that doilies are not to be taken lightly, I thought I was a pretty advanced knitter, I was very wrong. I could not make head or tails of the patterns and to top it all off, why in the world would I want to spend hours knitting 289 rounds on mass amounts of DPNs? Is it easier to make doilies if you can crochet? I have to guess that the answer is yes. Ahh if only I had taken pictures of the amazingly tangled messes that we tried to knit. I will remember for next time.

On to other knitting news. I have not gotten around to frogging my sweater back yet, instead I decided to opt for knitting something easy and very uncomplicated, it is based on the purse from the OG Stitch and Bitch book, it can be found on p. 169 for any who are interested. I have almost finished one for me I am just completing the embellishments on it before posting a pic. I have also finished knitting something similar for my mother in law for Mothers Day. I will post pics soon.

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  1. dude, hardest project EVER! But makes me inspired to be able to make at least one dolie in my life.