Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1st Birthday

My daughter turned 1 on the 11th and we had a great time doing a cupcake party. I wanted to share what we did for gift bags as I think they really were a great for kids 3 and under. I got really lucky with party supplies and one of the "gifts" as Michael's had a line of cupcake items in the $1 bins. Got even luckier when the same items went on sale for $0.47 each.

I made cupcake softies in pink, yellow, and blue, added some bubbles that I had left over from my son's birthday, made a cupcake memory game, and threw in a cupcake magnet. Tied the bags with some ribbon from Michael's dollar bin and a perfect cupcake gift bag was done.

For the cupcake softies, I made a pattern based on a picture of a cupcake that I liked. I used my limited photo shop skills and enlarged the picture, printed it out twice and cut out a top and bottom piece that I then used for my pattern.

Cupcake memory was fun to make. I spent a day finding eight different cupcake images, tried to size them all the same, printed them out on white card stock, then had my husband cut them out. I spent forever trying to figure out what to use to hold the cards together and give me a place to put directions too, finally I took some florist cards and printed out stickers for directions. I like the way it all stays together, plus it was free.

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